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According to drawings (A1) (B1) are given, in a table, the axial loads N of the vertical tendons of the patent ( ) for the following case of an ideal residential building, to deal with a very strong earthquake:

TABLE A Floor plan of the building 10.00m × 10.00m, square with nine (9) columns with grid 5.m

TABLE B Floor plan of a building 20.00m × 20.00m, square with 24 columns with grid 5.m

A.1 Ground floor height 3.50m
Α.2 Two-storey, total height 7.00m
A.3 Three-storey, total height 10.50m
A.4 Four floors, total height 14.00m
A.5 Five-storey, total height 17.50m
A.6 Six floors, total height 21.00m

Depending on the quality of the steel to be used, is also the cross section of the tendon.
The forces and cross-sections correspond to the leakage state of the steel (without any safety factor).
The tables and drawings in the attachment in the link
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