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^^^ I've spent lots of time pondering architecture in terms of what it is that makes buildings seem interesting, and - furthermore - what it is that makes cities have their visual appeal and distinction.

When we're going down the road, or even walking around town, most of the fine details of a building are missed. The eye doesn't see as much as we imagine it does, and the memory doesn't retain as much as we presume. Thus, only the most basic architectural forms are retained in our memory.

The trick, and hard part with a city, is figuring out how to re-use them over and over again without appearing repetitive or redundant. Minimalism in achitectural design is important, I think.

Anyway, I always keep my eyes open for interesting fundamental shapes and patterns in architecture which appear in everything from big buildings downtown to the facades of shopping malls. Without a doubt, I highly advise any hobby city designer to seek inspiration by wandering around the city. It is amazing the things you notice when you take the time to proactively observe them.

Anyhoo... Good work, flamesrule. Enjoy your two week design break, and without a doubt, we'll be happy to see Howich City's future progress. Your work continues to improve, and in the wake of Sta Fee's completion, this is my favorite currently active project.

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