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Okay, it's been awhile, but here are some of the models painted!

Here's the Burj Khalifa, Tokyo Sky Tree, CN Tower, Ostankino TV Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, 432 Park Ave. and Seattle Space Needle.

432 Park Ave. isn't quite finished yet - I'd like to paint the windows themselves but that is a time consuming task I haven't yet found the time or the right tool for. The windows are very small and I'd like to find something akin to a rubber stamp from an alphabet set that is the perfect size so I can just dab that on each one to get a clean edge. I've looked at countless sets but none of them have a squared off period stamp that's the right size!

The Seattle Space Needle, though the smallest, is my favorite as far as how the paint job came out - that one was printed in three parts so I was able to get a very clean look by separating the sections by overall color.

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