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Some I can't quite get over is how there are only two other properties that'll be left facing the 2200 block of Market. Whatever eventually replaces them will have to be extremely skinny!
Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
Some attention now goes across the street with that absurd lot.

Can someone explain to me:

1) why their over-all Market value has stayed the same for the past 7 years and meanwhile everyone else's in the area - including mine 4 blocks south - continues to climb?

2) What did they "improve" for 2020 to earn a $7.4mm exemption on the property?

3) WHy did their taxable land value decrease in 2020? Isn't that the opposite of what the city is trying to do?

F*&K this lot and these jack-asses for squatting on it.
Believe it or not, that lost used to be used for gas storage:


IIRC the site is still contaminated which naturally continues to put a damper on its redevelopment.
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