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Wish there was more high-rise construction news to bring on here, but at least, transportation development is still doing pretty good over the country.

Most noticeably, Nice recently started construction of their new tram lines.

Except the yellow line, I believe everything dotted is U/C.
Although I'm not sure because this is so large and I'm getting lost. It's all related to the huge (partly nationally funded) master plan of post #6, which seems gigantic and confusing to me. Nice is merely quadrupling the size of their tram network.

On a different but related note, their new lines will be the very first to feature Alstom Transport's new tech to avoid the use of catenaries.

Video Link

They call it "ground-based electric charging". I assume it was more or less inspired by Bombardier's Primove system.
Prior to these things, we had "ground-level power supply", some method based on some sort of so called 3rd rail, like those of Bordeaux and Dubai, but these latest gadgets appear more flexible and less expensive.
I think all this stuff to avoid overhead power lines is actually significant, as I was a bit shocked by pictures of the streets of Milan's old downtown messed up by wires. I incidentally read that an Italian corporation was developing their own system to get over those invasive wires. So several options are now available, and the same technologies can apply to buses.
In short, tram manufacturing is more lively than ever.
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