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Region of Grand Est

I'm a little astonished by the relatively large scale of this project in Huningue, a French suburb of Basel, Switzerland that I'd simply never heard of before.
Municipal population is of 7000.

Huningue lies on the Rhine river right on the spot where France, Switzerland and Germany meet. So they call it an international location, although I assume neither the Swiss nor the Germans feel so international locally. This is just regular daily Europe.

Anyway, they expect all of this to be completed by 2022. It appears perfectly mixed-use, including offices, a 4-star business hotel, some 300 condos in all and retail at street level, for a €90 million investment. This is meant to further develop transit on the river, most likely for goods in particular.

Huningue's population is expected to grow by 10% in a couple of years from this project alone.
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