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Some updates of what was introduced previously, a couple of posts above.
By MaxouDeNantes to the French-speaking sub-forums of SSC.

A bunch of pictures of this last one there:

Mad respect and thanks a lot to Maxou.

Effectiveness here. I like it a lot. You see, they're building a bunch of 50m-tall buildings, 15 to 20-floor structures over the area thus turning into a fine example of mixed-use contemporary fabric.

Here's an advertising video that was released over 6 months ago yet, for the fun of it.

Now that's how to redevelop a post-war district that was all bland, definitely lacking social diversity and kind of desperate. It's going to gentrify as something turning into some new hot spot, but remains open to lower incomes by some social housing at the same time, so unhealthy social ghettos are now avoided. Some narrow-minded complain about the prospective cost of the social housing policy that's not market-friendly, but the most important is by far to spread social diversity IMHO. And there's still plenty of room for the regular market-rate stuff anyway.
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