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Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne is now "Grand Est", Greater East. But east of what? Berlin? Warsaw? Once more complaining, I find these new names short-sighted and silly for bound to national borders as if Paris was a center of the universe or something. Would there be an aggressive ballsy European policy, they could've called it something sexier like Austrasie, that sounds much cooler. Doesn't it?
Oh well, I guess we'll have to change these names again sometime.

So Lille is now the capital of "Hauts-de-France". Lol, not used to it yet. Some over there are kidding hard with puns like "les eaux de France". Aaaahïaïaïe...
Whatever, it is now the main urban center of a region of 6 million and they're planning something fairly big for the new seat of their metropolitan council.

This will sit nearby the Euralille district to expand the embryonic high-rise cluster.

I'll be honest, don't quite fancy the mayor of Lille who's a complete prick, but of course she'd be happy at this public thing for her dear administration, supporting it. Work is supposed to begin as of 2019. It seems they already have an idea of a funding plan, but then it will cost more than expected at first anyway, as always.
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