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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
Well, Peggy may have had a plan. Or Howard. Or the anti-development boffins within the Heritage Trust. If the entire downtown was designated heritage that would suit their goal of never building anything new. I suspect HRM wasn't among those interested.
The problem as I see it, Keith, is that heritage districts in Halifax are that in name only, so there are no solid rules preventing development in "heritage districts". So all this posturing about not being able to develop because of all the heritage districts ends up being a bunch of BS.

Additionally, in no way would the entire downtown ever be considered a heritage district. It's just an extreme view of those reeling against the extreme views of the Heritage Trust. The rules have always been slanted towards those who want to tear down and build new - which is why Halifax, despite being one of the oldest cities in Canada has only a small percentage of its old buildings remaining.

The thing is, in a free democratic society, as Canada remains (the US not so much), everybody has their right to voice their opinion. You get the CBC article, then you get the comments below it expressing mostly opposite views, some just as extreme in the other direction. Usually what happens in the end is somewhere in the middle. I would be surprised if these sites do not get built as the neighborhood people seem to be the underdogs in this situation.

That said, I mostly like it and think it will be a good addition to the neighborhood, despite that a few heritage properties won't make it (but at least a few will be saved).
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