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Originally Posted by ChargerCarl View Post
The green are all cities with rent control and difficult eviction processes?
To quote the article:

There’s an obvious trait these markets share: With the exception of Denver, they also top the list of the ten most expensive major housing markets in the country. And while rents are also high in these markets, home prices are higher.

Nationwide, the full purchase price of the average home is equivalent to 11 years of the median U.S. rental payment. In the most expensive markets, it would take almost double that length of time – more than 20 years of rental payments – to pay for the price of a home in full. If expected home and rent price appreciation were projected to be the same across all markets, we would expect all markets to have a similar price-to-rent ratio. But that’s not what happens: In more expensive markets, home values are a higher multiple of annual rental payments . . . .
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