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Once we argued with a marketing guy working for a developer who wanted to do just that...a bunch of towers in a Kansas cornfield including the world's tallest. Their premise, which was asinine, was that the bigger you go, the more people you attract, and that they were certain to succeed. This lasted for months. Eventually, if you googled the developer's name or the project name, the first result was SSPers trashing the concept point by point, including the fact that the developer had been bankrupt a couple of times....

That guy claimed to have expertise, which was greatly overstated vs. his cluelessness on a lot of points someone in his position ought to know.

But it pales to this. Now some kid who knows precisely nothing and has never been to NY wants us to keep explaining the same stuff every time he thinks of a new spot. It's not that he doesn't "listen," but that he doesn't transfer the basic points from one idea to the next. The best response is that none of his ideas will work, for the same reasons as before.