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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
And I disagree that the 5WTC site is too far for a twin. It's still well within acceptable limits for a twin tower.
Well I disagree with you...I am curious, have you ever been to NYC? I am not asking that to be an insult or anything, I am just curious if you have actually been there, and if so was it recently?

Again, I think if you are serious about your idea, you will pick a different site where your idea will not be bogged down with the limitations you have given yourself with the current site. Twin Towers do not have to be next to the WTC site to have the same effect as the twin towers had. You can pick anywhere that is a doable space and create the same effect they once had. I feel you are limiting yourself trying to keep it within the WTC site.

And no the twin towers would not work in Phoenix, nor most US cities. If they could, more cities in this country would look like Manhattan.