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Do some research on the NYPD safety concerns published in 2005. They moved 1WTC specifically off of West Street due to security concerns. The new 1WTC is 65ft from the edge of the West Street right-of-way per the NYPD. If you're building a twin, it's just as much of a target and subject to the same security requirements. Thus a 65ft setback.

Towers 2,3,4,5 and 7 are not targets in the same way.

BTW, I was estimating on the 85ft right-of-way for West Street. It may actually be more than that. I'm not sure.

Put simply, your tower doesn't actually fit between the North Pool and the WFC.

There are two substantial other reasons as well that this doesn't work, but I'll wait for your e-mail answer to be posted...
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