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This discussion was actually interesting the first three times we had it. Now you're just grasping at straws. This doesn't work. I could easily give you a number of reasons (three in particular) that would automatically kill this project...but I won't.

...and in your next post you'll accuse me of being a bully because I won't...

...but I'll give you a homework assignment:

Call the local district office for NYC of the New York Department of Transportation. Ask for the engineer in charge of Road Encroachment Permits. Ask the following question:

"What is the feasibility of moving the West Side Highway NY9A about 100ft in a westerly direction for about a 500ft stretch in Lower Manhattan?"

That is the question you are asking. And since this would be a person who would and could answer your question effectively, that'll be all you would need. Would that be proof enough for you?

Call the City of New York Streets Department, ask for the engineer in the same position, and ask him about abandoning those sections of Liberty and Washington Streets.

Do that, let us know how it works out, and I'll be happy to fill you in on the rest of the reasons why this doesn't work. I'm tired of giving out free advice to people who won't listen.
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