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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
That's quite funny, cause I never ever said that I know more than somebody else. I never issued such a statement, so please, first read what I post before making a statement about my posts. That goes for Roadcruiser too, since he regularily issues identical untrue statements.

And as to me proving it could happen, you have yet to prove that it can't be done, so you are in the exact same possition in which I am. And since detailed plans won't be released to the public, I doubt any of us could do this task.
I think you say you know more than other people when you tell people to disprove something you can't actually prove yourself....and for some reason, I actually do read your posts before making a statement.

For starters, your tower is too close to the pool, it is too close the road. I know you were young when all of this happened, but the actual tower got knocked for that, being too close to the road and had to be moved further within the site.

Also your building takes up land from the WFC by moving the street like that. I am pretty sure the owners of the WFC are not looking to sell any of their land in front of their buildings just so the West St could be pressed up against their buildings causing the loss of their loading street they have in front of them.

So this site would be a no go too, and seeing that you show no actual interest in knowing how anything about architecture actually works, other than moving around a cut and paste image, I am not sure what your point with all of this is. No one in the real world is going to listen to you about this, you show no sign of willingness to actually do anything about this other than post your cut and paste projects in here trying to pass them off as real proposals rather than understanding how things actually work, then telling us that they will so we have to disprove everything you say must be right.

Well when you can actually prove something can be built in real life, then maybe I will listen. And what you have done so far does not prove it can actually be built, it just proves you have some knowledge in working MS Paint.