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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
And as for studying, so far I'm not planning any college. Right now I'm glad I finished high school (on the second try ). Right now I'm working and my wife studies. When she'll finish college, maybe then I'll go on a college too.
Well, since you lack any real kind of knowledge set, i.e. engineering, architectural or financial, that would allow you to actually objectively evaluate your visions to actually determine their feasibility. You may want to look at a different approach.

If you do want to really honor the sacrifices of the first responders, rather than waste your time with some pointless citizen's initiative for what should be a private-sector effort, you might look at the following methods:

But, since you sound like you aren't quite ready for college, which the above usually require in some form, and require a more structured environment I suggest the following instead:

Punk-ass, 21-yr old kids who haven't done anything with their lives need to experience the world a bit in order to really develop their visions. As others have said. You need to broaden your vision and imagine a new WTC, not even at this location, that is truly bold. Not the same cropped image you're dragging around in MS Paint.
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