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Originally Posted by urbanlife View Post
(It is just clear that you haven't done any studying of architecture or how buildings stand up yet...if you are seriously interested about that topic, you should go learn more about it first.) You have yet to prove that it could happen because you can't show me real documents that prove that nothing is in the way of where you want a twin tower to be no one will finance this twin tower so it doesn't matter anyway, unless you are rich. You are just a 21yr old kid who thinks you know more than someone who actually has an education in this field.
That's quite funny, cause I never ever said that I know more than somebody else. I never issued such a statement, so please, first read what I post before making a statement about my posts. That goes for Roadcruiser too, since he regularily issues identical untrue statements.

And as to me proving it could happen, you have yet to prove that it can't be done, so you are in the exact same possition in which I am. And since detailed plans won't be released to the public, I doubt any of us could do this task.

Then there is the question of financing, my plan involves the same financing model used in towers 2 and 3. A developer financing them with some help from the PA and the government. Since so many people want to see twins again, it would be in the interest of the government to give them what they want and to lend some money to a developer. As to why the developer would make this building, well, I said it very many times before, if the current towers will rent well, it is in the best interest of a developer to build more of that kind.

And as for studying, so far I'm not planning any college. Right now I'm glad I finished high school (on the second try ). Right now I'm working and my wife studies. When she'll finish college, maybe then I'll go on a college too.

And for Roadcruiser, here is my plan:

Here you see that:

1, I don't plan to do anything to the pools.

2, I don't plan to do anything to the major part of the museum.

3, Under my location there is no PATH and no subway.

4, I'm not planning to remove any street, just to reroute a 300 feet section of it.

5, I don't plan to do anyhting to 7WTC.

6, I don't plan to do anything to the ramps.

7, I don't plan to do anything to the PAC.

8, I don't plan to do anything to 5WTC and the vehicle security center.

9, I don't plan to do anything to 1WTC and 5WTC

10, I don't plan to do anything to the station.

11, I don't plan to do anything to 2WTC and 3WTC.

12, I don't plan to do anything to any other existing or planned building.

There, is that enough detail for ya?
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