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Lightbulb Skyscraper scale models out of soda cans

Hi guys,

Saw some awesome creations and just wanted to share what i have been working on for the past 12 months or so.
My daughter, being a mega fan of scyscrapers, asked me to build a Highrise-Replica for her, and this sort of far-fetched undertaking is already almost in the last lap of its Race-to-the Skies Made entirely out of 0.330 ml Soda cans ( glued and soon to be completely covered in silver-metallic paint, as the small bottom parts suggests ).

So here it is - The Burj Khalifa at a scale of 1:80 which would be only just the beginning of an i-will-do-this-my-whole-life project i have named "Skyscraper Can City". Once finished it would rise up to 10.36 meters, or just short of 34 feet. Current height at 4.27 meters ( or exactly 15 feet )

The one on the left side is what i have managed to stack together - the right side is it would have looked like ( thanks Photoshop), shall i have managed to put the building blocks all togehter, which is unfortunatelly currently impossible because of its sheer height and the lack of a higher ladder... Still it gives a nice impression on current construction status

Hope you enjoy it - current Can Count is at 3481, just 790 more to go

And from another angle:

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