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Post Florida, New Jersey structure dates

I remain grateful for all the thought contributed to this site. In fact, it may be too much; but it is the first, and the friendliest and most reasonable, urban building compilation on the web. It is time I share a bit, even if I wish we spent our attention on sweeter thoughts of neater things. Thanks again.

asbury tower, asbury park, nj, is: 1973 ( )

in FL,
Kendall's 1 datran or dadeland centre 1 (1900 S Dadeland Blvd) = 1984
Kendall's adjoining Marriott Dadeland 1987; 2 Datran or Dadeland centre II 2007 ( );, and heights available from a detailed and perhaps reliable sketchup model by mike somebody;

centurion palm beach built 1988

flagler center tower in west palm beach was built 1984 although something 50% smaller was built onsite in 1978:

Jersey City's The James Monroe is 1989 per emporis, which also says that The Colony, Fort Lee, NJ, is 1972.

emporis' Ocean Towers [sic] SPI, on South Padre in Texas and actually Ocean Tower SPI, has been claimed by emporis to reach 470' when it halted construction before completion. For a 30-or-31-storey /residential/ building, especially with some of those floors being parking levels, this is simply not something that would have happened. I can only guess that one of your moderators took emporis' word for it, yet how often has that turned out to be a good idea? If you want facts to back up taking down the height figure, then, here: on a picture of the tower just a thirty-foot crown from full completion when it stopped we can count each residential floor of the final design, and yet see that the 8' high sliding glass doors on each balcony leave each ceiling nowhere near the nearly 15' it would have to be to reach the reported engineering figures someone thought they heard.

tower place in maitland, fl, built 1990

West Palm Beach's extensive Lands of the President:
1500 Presidential Way (1972 ( )),
Washington (1972 ( )),
Jefferson (1974 ( )),
and Lincoln (1972 ( )) Tower, followed by many low-rise phases of which these three will certainly get you started:
the Consulate (1980 ( ),
the Parliament East Tower
(1982 ( ))
and last or at least least least, the Envoy (1984 ( ))

WPB's Republic Security Bank tower 1985 ( )

WPB's One Clearlake Centre 1986:

and WPB's Northbridge Centre 1987:

winston towers, cliffside park, nj, are both: 1974 ( )

And finally, Calvary Towers in Winter Park was 1981
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