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Originally Posted by jg6544 View Post
If I were made of money and could afford a La Cornue range, I would buy one in a minute. The manufacturer advises using the large, iron "plate" feature for boiling and simmering. The user regulates the heat by moving the pan to or away from the center of the future. They claim that the outer edge will give a perfect simmer, something that's difficult to achieve on any but very high-end ranges. Also, you mentioned fuel. The 3-star restaurant in Vienne, France, La Pyramide, used a coal-fired range until after WWII.
That’s just French technique. You regulate temperature by moving the pan around the flame, rather than turning the flame up and down.

But Chef is right that electric stove tops are fucking useless in terms of responsiveness and temperature control. And perhaps there are high end induction ranges that can hold a precise and consistent level of power output, rather than cycling on and off, but the countertop model that I have (and have seen in many London restaurant kitchens) doesn’t replace gas either.

Plus you really need gas to anything that requires, you know, a flame, like proper wok cooking or flambéing.
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