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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
Not because natural gas stoves are a serious issue and not because there are enough of them in Berkeley to matter
That's a total fallacy ("doesn't matter" therefore let's not do anything) and it's been pointed out to you guys several times yet. In reality, a given measure can be both 1) a step in the right direction and 2) not single-handedly making a life or death difference at the scale of the planet, and in that case there's no reason not to go ahead with the improvement.

I can drive everywhere alone in a 4x4 V8 Chevy Suburban and it doesn't matter.

And everyone in the USA can do like me.

And then everyone in China and India can do like me.

Surely you can admit it's better for everyone if I try to be as green as possible in my transportation...? And ideally, others may follow suit.

The alternative - that no one ever needs to care about anything because nothing matters - is just ridiculous.
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