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Its the purchasing of climate indulgences from the church of left wing activism.

Not because natural gas stoves are a serious issue and not because there are enough of them in Berkeley to matter, but because for the citizens of Berkeley it will be the most painful and in your face thing to do to prove "how much you care".

Sure you might be one of the wealthiest people in the world who's very life creates the equivalent greenhouse gasses of a small African nation...but hey, you now eat at trendy restaurants that cook with and burn your dinner party rice on electric stove tops!

So everyone knows you live in Berkeley, the city that "cares" the city that banned gas stoves. I wonder how many old bay area hippies even see how disgusting its all become. Or maybe they were all this self indulgent from the get go, and the whole hippy act was just a way to cope with their own self centered bullshit.

Who knows!
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