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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Wasn't there a discussion about cities ending recycling programs because China no longer wants our trash? Result: too expensive.

How Green was all that recycling if we had to send it to China? We separate and then a truck picks it up, then that truck loads it onto another truck, which then drives it over to a port, which is then loaded on a ship to cross the Pacific, or Atlantic [then goes through the Canal] to arrive in China, where it is it offloaded onto a truck, that then delivers it to some Chinese plant employing underage people, to then "recycle" it.

Once "recycled", that plastic, glass, paper, is then loaded onto a truck, which then goes to a Chinese factory employing overworked, underage people to build Cheap Chinese Trinkets, which are then loaded on a truck, which goes to a seaport, loaded on a container ship, sent to America, which is then offloaded onto trucks, which then deliver the product to warehouses, which then separate the Cheap Chinese Trinkets onto other trucks, which then make deliveries to customer accounts.
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