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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
It's not just about gas stoves and people using them. There are also gas water heaters, gas furnaces, gas clothes dryers... and all the pilot lights that are on because of them. So it's entirely plausible that ALL GAS APPLIANCES COMBINED contribute to 27% of Berkeley's greenhouse gas emissions.

The house I grew up in had an electric stove and electric clothes dryer, but the furnace was gas as well as the water heater. At my apartment complex, the laundry room uses gas clothes dryers, I have a gas water heater, a gas stove, and a gas heater (which I don't use, in fact I have the pilot light turned off for it... saves me on my gas bill; my partner and I use a portable electric radiator in the winter). So I don't see what the problem is in terms of wanting to reduce greenhouse gases by using less or outright banning gas appliances in new buildings. And yeah, it saves having to run gas lines to new construction.
27% of berkley’s Greenhouse emissions! Oh my that’s such a huge impact! One quarter of 120k people’s personal gas emissions! Meanwhile a random factory farm and packaging business or one of Elon’s rockets will put 100’s of times the emissions into the atmosphere regularly

Which is why this is ultimately a useless gesture
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