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Originally Posted by Earl Boebert View Post
OK, here's what I did regarding the Huntington's Olympic/non-Olympic pool:

I measured the existing pool using Google Earth. It came out 82 feet from the edge of the bridge to the furthest point in the arced "cutout" in the North edge.

I measured the width of the pool using Google Earth and it came out 20 feet.

I measured the length of the roof on the house across Wentworth Ave to calibrate the measuring tool in my graphics program (Graphic Converter).

I then took a screen shot of the 1928 aerial and viewed it at 300%. It appears that the pool was rectangular (no arced "cutout" at the North end). I calibrated the measuring tool using the roof line and measured the pool from the North end to the bridge and its width. It came out 87 feet long and 26 feet wide, or 25 meters and a bit long and 8 meters wide. This is a plausible size for a "junior" Olympic-sized pool with touch boards and four 2 meter wide lanes.

So a *possible* explanation is that a "junior Olympic" pool was installed in 1926, promoted as an "Olympic Sized Pool" and later it was narrowed and the fancy North end shape made by filling in the corners.



Good job Earl:

The miniature Olympic pool at the hotel is a scam because the ''olympic'' laps you swim are across the [B]width[B] and not the length of an official Olympic size Pool. It appears to me that the hotel was really playing a joke on the public.

I would call the whole affair false advertising. The tourists could go back home to Indiana or wherever and brag that they swam in an Olympic pool, when in actuality it was no such item..

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