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Originally Posted by TexasPlaya View Post
That's fine, I don't thinking "banning" in this context is very worthwhile by adding another "rule". If the premise was more earthquake related than climate related , but it's not. Just seems like a rule for the sake of the rule.

And now the "dinosaurs" have to get more exemptions to presumably connect to already in place infrastructure to produce a minimal reduction in emissions .
I’m pretty sure it’s an early push to promote electrification. Right now, it deals with new construction, but relatively soon I’m sure fuel switching will be more highly incentivized by the city/state/utility. And Berkeley is the perfect place to do it... since legislation in this vein is pretty much expected there. This wouldn’t even be discussed in most other places at the current time. But we’ll undoubtedly be seeing more and more electrification in the coming years.
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