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Originally Posted by craigs View Post

Oh really? What data do you have, and what are your sources?

I pay my PG&E bills--are you assuming new residents won't have to pay theirs? It's not like this is some free electricity program, any more than it was a free natural gas program before July.

Electrical demand causes fluctuations in rates. So in sum, higher the electrical usage, the higher the cost...

Do you know how generation stations work? Increasing demand and consumption requires additional equipment, capacitors, terminators, and various electrical equipment to keep up with the surge. Its why prices rise during summer months, with A/C.

This than gets distributed to the customers as an average. So everyone will eventually see an uptick in rates. Some will pay more obviously on their individual home consumption, but the overall base cost will see an uptick.

The same stuff happens in NYC for example when con-ed adds new infrastructure to meet demand or expand its reach. Rates go up.

After all, energy companies are businesses/investor owned in some cases, and this will translate to the consumer.

With that said, on a macro scale, natural has phasing out needs to be a long-term vision as to not cost burden folks. Every expense adds up, and not everyone is in the exclusive club of "living comfortably".
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