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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
But hey... barely any new homes due to costs are being built in Berkeley (a paltry number of units), so really won't be an effective solution.
Berkeley's population at the 2010 Census was 112,580. The 2018 estimate is 121,643, an increase of 8%. For a city that has been built out for decades and is strangled by the University of California's independent authority to develop--or not develop--the land it owns, Berkeley isn't the worst city around here. But yes--it could and should do better. Maybe not having to install gas lines and appliances will lower the cost of residential construction, stimulating growth?

And its all being powered by the electrical grid anyways, so utility rates are bound to go up.
Oh really? What data do you have, and what are your sources?

I pay my PG&E bills--are you assuming new residents won't have to pay theirs? It's not like this is some free electricity program, any more than it was a free natural gas program before July.

When it comes to climate change, its a global issue, not really a local issue.
And yet, right now in Berkeley, global warming is a local issue! I know, I know--mind blown.

It turns out that's why this thread exists--to discuss how best to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local level...oh, wait, no. That's not why this thread exists. This thread exists so right-wingers can sling their off-topic shit outside of the Current Events toilet.
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