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Its minuscule in its impact to the overall building costs from inception to reality. If this is the shining beacon of beacon of encouraging development growth, let's see how the forecast looks going forward.

Have fun with the business exodus.

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Yeah... I'm not for putting financial burden on anyone, but I just don't get this reasoning as far as how it puts costs on people (the common man you're referring to). But no one is being FORCED to get anything. Berkeley is deciding that their not going to put gas in new buildings because the city doesn't need it.
Its just the start. Than the real ban or change occurs on the state level, which is catastrophic. Like a lot of other policies on the California résumé.

If the climate was really good (besides the weather), folks wouldn't be leaving in droves, I'm just saying. In the end, a lot of issues that have to be fixed, and the priority of this is low. Better legislative time could be used on other issues. Local municipalities tend to make policies that adversely effect its citizens.

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Daily gripes? Let's get a congressional subcommittee to investigate these important issues right away! Fuck human health/climate change... people have gripes!
Yes people have gripes or challenges. Do you really think people are sitting at the dinner table complaining about the carbon footprint? Ask the homeless folks what they think of going green. Its not the priority at the moment, bigger issues.

On a side note, note that I haven't used a curse word or derivatives during this entire debate. IDK why we have to resort to curses.

But yes, there are folks in Cali that have problems, and hence, why they flee.
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