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Originally Posted by Murphy de la Sucre View Post
Why Buffalo, New York, USA? Is there a Buffalo, New York, New Zealand existing? or Buffalo, New York, Kenya...

You made me look! There are places called Buffalo in at least 3 other countries (not NZ or Kenya, but Australia and South Africa though) and over 20 US States - but I was acting out of habit I guess when referring to the region, as it is on the US-Canada border and I sometimes reference places on both sides. There are plenty of Canadian flags on the US side, so it may not always be obvious which side of the border the photos were taken.

I also once had a responder who asked where my pictures of New York City were, as they assumed I meant both cities when I listed Buffalo, New York.

But yes, I was redundant for people who know US states.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

Version 2
by bpawlik, on Flickr

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