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Projects & Construction:
I want to thank the photographers and local businesses, sharing updates on projects, who make this thread possible. Without you, these updates won't happen. If you can, please support the businesses taking the photographs seen here.

Yes, Winston-Salem is on the top-15 list of cities for Millennials interested in buying a home where job growth is strong.

Video Link

Bailey South:
A new phone app tech company called Patch and another phone app tech company called KaBook are the latest tenant announcements for Bailey South's office space. Both tech companies will move their headquarters to this building in April 2020 and are excited about their future employment growth in downtown's IQ District.

Steel is now rising for the six-storey office building addition. This building should top-out in a few weeks. They don't have much room at the site for materials and equipment, so the steel is rising very quickly. Almost as quickly as it arrives on site.

Steel for the six-storey addition:

Credit: lightroomgirl

The developer provides an awesome update:

Credit: frontstreetcapital

Working on the first and second of six floors:

Credit: frontstreetcapital

Yes, that is a disco ball at the Wherehouse Art Hotel:

Credit: blkflycreative

Credit: blkflycreative

Credit: itsj_lake

Credit: blkflycreative

They are completing the steel work in what appears to be multiple sections. Each section will fully top-out before the next section begins, starting at the northern end of the site and moving southward, as the crane works outward from the small construction site. The first section is now complete and work is ready to begin in the middle section.

A quarter of it is topped-out:

Credit: stitchdesignshop

Main & Third:

Credit: nxlvisuals

Credit: mackenziecatesallen

Crane on the skyline:

Credit: tim_hutch

Efird Block Restoration:
The office space in this project is 100% leased! Yes, they leased all of the office space! Most of the retail space is also leased, but the big retail space on the corner is still available, if you're interested (336) 723-3173. Surprisingly, they leased the two small retail spaces in the basement. I'm guessing this project will be fully leased very soon! These spaces are so beautiful! In the photographs, they are replacing the roof. It should be exciting when they rebuild the parapet and install the new or refurbished windows and storefronts.

Credit: southernhistoric

Credit: southernhistoric

The elevator:

Credit: southernhistoric

Credit: southernhistoric

Credit: southernhistoric

Hyatt Place Hotel:
It appears as if a construction fence was installed on the western end of the building footprint? Maybe they are about to restart work?

Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites:

Credit: roy.endo

Credit: duckjokes

Merschel Park:
They are having problems with the dirt washing onto Third Street.

Courtyard by Marriott - Downtown:

Friday (8/9):

Credit: CRA

Fifth & Marshall Apartments:
When I posted this at WSTB, it was everywhere in just a few hours, including local news sites. The uses for this project are now confirmed. It will be a mixed-use building, with apartments and office space wrapped-around a parking deck. The ground floor will have a grocery store and it appears as if they could be in talks with Lowes Foods, according to a local news site, but my source didn't say which grocery store would open there.

Reynolds Place Arts Theatre: Built!
This project is now completed! Be sure to visit for some of the exciting performances / art events happening there.

Credit: sunnysidemillwork

Credit: sunnysidemillwork

Hyphen Hops Brewing Company & Mixed-use:
One of the three craft breweries currently under construction. We don't see much of this brewery!

Hanging lights:

Credit: Hyphen Hops

500 West 5th:
The National Sports Media Association will move their headquarters to this 21-storey skyscraper this Fall.

First Baptist Church Restoration:

On the far right side, through the windows:

Credit: eshipwake

Hoots Brewing Company on Trade:

Local mural artist JEKS painting a mural on the under construction craft brewery:

Credit: hootsbeercompany

1827 Shoemaker's Workshop:
Finishing repairs to the exterior and painting work on this 192-year-old building.

Repairing the 192-year-old windows:

Credit: oldsaleminc


Credit: oldsaleminc

Link Apartments 4th Street:
D.H. Griffin Demolition Company has started demolition work on the 1951 Security Life & Trust Building. It will be replaced by this six-storey apartment building with ground floor retail. This was the headquarters for Security Life & Trust Company, which grew to become the state's largest life insurance company. Nearly all of the windows in the Security Life & Trust Building were removed as part of a 1960s reclad and western expansion. Designed in 1949 and completed in April 1951, this was North Carolina's first Modernist office building, with large beautiful windows. The insurance company fully embraced contemporary architecture. However, everything architecturally significant about it was removed in the 1960s reclad. I don't think anyone would want to reuse it today. Interestingly, the same architectural firm that designed the building in 1949 also designed the ugly reclad in the 1960s. Though the new apartment building will be shorter in height, the demolition of this building isn't seen as a loss. It's often selected as the ugliest building in downtown. The only windows on the upper floors are in the stairwell.


Original 1949 design by architectural firm Stinson, Arey & Hall:

Credit: Unknown

Ugly 1963 reclad building being demolished:

Credit: Fam Brownlee

The decorative grates along the parapet, now being removed, once had lights behind them and were a light feature:

Credit: piedmonttriadliving

I see a panel below the decorative grates was also removed:

Credit: Fam Brownlee

More Research & Technology Jobs:
Downtown Winston-Salem-based Javara will increase their Winston-Salem employment by 25% over the next 12 months. The clinical research company has their headquarters in Bailey Power Plant.

Salem Parkway:
Now that the old Interstate 40 (East-West Expressway) is demolished, work is moving forward to replace it with Salem Parkway, park spaces, future development sites, and a bicycle commuter path. Salem Parkway will be cut deep into the earth, replacing the ugly 1955 elevated Interstate highway and its many space consuming ramps with something less visible that uses less space. The old 1950s former Interstate also had dangerous grades (steep elevation changes) and dangerously short ramps. The bicycle commuter path will be located half-way up the retaining wall on the southern side of the parkway and will be discussed as separate project. Since Salem Parkway isn't 'Alternative Transportation,' it will be discussed in this part of the post.

First Paving! Workers connect Main Street to the new Salem Parkway, as work starts on Salem Parkway (8/6):

Credit: childoftheivy

8 West Third Street:
This project is still in leasing. I think many of us are excited about this proposed restoration!

Credit: jc671988

Novant Health Neurosciences & Spine Center:

I think this is our first photograph update on this construction project?

Credit: espinosaarchitecture

Link Apartments Innovation Quarter:

A rare aerial view... it is massive!

Credit: Samet Corporation


Credit: linkaptsiq

Work starting on the dog park:

Credit: linkaptsiq

Top floor amenity area:

Credit: linkaptsiq

Credit: linkaptsiq

Alternative Transportation:

Union Station & Streetcar Yard:
Winston Watchman has an article on the possibility of bus service moving to Union Station.

Credit: winstonwatchman

Credit: winstonwatchman

Low Line:
Fourth Street was closed at the site on Monday (8/5) to reinstall the newly painted railroad tracks, as a design feature in the walkway.

Credit: viatordesignandconstruction

Installing the painted railroad tracks in the walkway:

Credit: twincitymedia

Tuesday (8/6):

Credit: viatordesignandconstruction

Credit: blkflycreative


Home Price Increase:
According to CoreLogic, home prices in Winston-Salem continue to increase, as more people discover the city. It's interesting to see how much the average price of a home in Winston-Salem has increased over the past few years.

Home Price Increases for June:
Winston-Salem: 4.89%
Charlotte: 4.26%
Raleigh: 4.19%

Saturday (8/3) at midnight:

Credit: ‎Seth J. Nelson‎

Credit: downtownwinstonsalem

Credit: rvlaxton

Credit: trynotimages

Credit: cgcmk3

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