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Business Bay is the brand new area, still under construction in the desert (2014), that borders the New Downtown and Burj Khalifa to the South. The Dubai Creek has been artificially extended into the Business Bay area. The most dominant building is the brand new JW Marriott, that now also is the world's tallest hotel. Most skyscrapers are just a few years old, and you could still see the desert sand during our visit, clearly visible from Burj Khalifa.
We only saw Business Bay from afar, the buildings are impressive, though some of them are among the more tacky in Dubai, but I think several years will remain before this will be an attractive area to visit.

JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay is currently (2014) the world's tallest hotel! It consist of two identical postmodern skyscrapers, 355m to the spire and 77 floors each, and was completed in 2013.

A skyscraper that was on fire during construction and Rose Tower (left)

Business Bay from Burj Khalifa:

JW Marriott Marquis - the world's tallest hotel, built 2013. Burj Al Arab, the former world's tallest hotel is in the far background at the sea.

Business Bay skyline. You can still see the desert sand.

The extention of Dubai Creek, that now flows from the old town to Business Bay. To the far left is U-Bora Towers. The small white tower with holes in is the so called "Cheese Tower", O14.
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