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Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Road, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Mosque, Mercato Mall

Jumeirah Road is the long road that goes along the coast of Dubai, parallel to the popular Jumeirah Beach. Unfortunately the sea is not visible from Jumeirah Road, so it is not a nice beach road for pedestrians with beautiful homes like I thought, it is more like a thouroughfare for cars with fastfood restaurants, workshops and warehouses and basic residential buildings, and many similar looking mosques, one of them is the only mosque in Dubai open for tourists. There are also some fancy shopping malls, like Mercato, de luxe hotels and exclusive restaurants, and from some points you can see the Financial Center skyline, including Burj Khalifa.

The hotels are facing the sea, the most famous is the sail shaped Burj Al Arab, said to be the world's first 7 star hotel, and the world's tallest upon completion. The district is called Umm Suqeim.


Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab, the "7 star" hotel that was the world's tallest full hotel upon completion in 1999, 321m to the spire. Now it has been surpassed by other hotels in Dubai and China. It has 60 floors and a helicopter platform on top. It resembles a sail and the architecture style is structural expressionism and was designed by Atkins & Partners. To get inside and see the spectacular tall atrium and other features, you must reserve a table at one of the super expensive restaurants or bars, something we didn't have the opportunity unfortunately.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel has a curved shape. It was bult in the 1997 and was one of the first de luxe resort hotels in Dubai. It is hard to believe today that it was the 9th tallest building in Dubai upon completion, today lower then 100th tallest!


The skyline of Dubai's business district, seen from Jumeirah Road: Conrad Hotel, Park Place, Emirates Towers, The Tower, Al Yaqoub Tower, Al Attar Tower, Rose Tower, Burj Khalifa and more.

Jumeirah Mosque, the only mosque that visitors are allowed to enter. Actually there are many mosques along Jumeirah Road with almost similar design to this one, but this is the most famous one since it is open for non muslims. This is the one that usually occurs on photos, in the North part of Jumeirah Road.

Union House is a small, round building with glass walls, there United Arab Emirates was declared an independent country by the sheikhs from the six emirates on December 2nd 1971. The tall flagpole is the symbol for this event.

Another mosque on Jumeirah Road

Al Khazzan Park water tower and Financial district skyline from Al Safa St

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a mosque and Burj Al Arab seen from Jumeirah Road

The area around Jumeirah Road (this is a side street) is partly a bit gritty and more working class. The financial district can be seen in the background.

Turkish Village on Jumeirah Road had a great but expensive Turkish dish. With views of the traffic!
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