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I miss them too, I always wanted to see them in person, and mourn for the fact that I never got to.

HomrQT, I agree with you completely! There should have been no question but that they would be rebuilt, even stronger than before.

I got chewed out on another online forum, for saying that I loved the towers and missed them. Apparently at least one 9/11 family member feels that anyone mourning the loss of the towers somehow demeans those who lost people, and inferring that I was not a very nice person for saying what I felt. I guess they conveniently ignored another post of mine where I spoke of admiration for the people involved, for the acts of courage shown on 9/11 not only by first responders, but by civilians, some of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of helping others. I would never suggest that the losses are the same- they're not. And I would never tell those who grieve for loved ones how they may grieve, or what they may express. So why can't those of us who mourn other losses speak without fear of censure?
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