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Market Street Area

Market Street below Beale Street. Studebaker Brothers, the Palace Carriage Repository. Ca. 1885.

Market Street between Drumm and Davis. Tea store, with teapot on top of post; Hansford Block, with Wellman-Peck (canned goods), Dodge-Sweeney (canned goods), and M.J. Brandenstein (tea and coffee -- now M.J.B.). Ca. 1895.

Beale Street between Market and Mission. Dunham, Carrigan and Hayden Company (hardware); Albert Mau and Company. Ca. 1890.

South side of Market between First and Second. Standard Soap Company. Ca. 1890.

Market and Pine. Eagle Building on extreme right. Ca. 1890.

Bird's eye view toward Telegraph Hill. Fremont between Mission and Howard. Joshua Hendy Machine Works left center [now in Sunnyvale]. [Photograph by Taber]

The later Niantic Building. Onseti Company [now Onseti and O'Connor]. 1880s.

Bank of California. Photograph. Ca. 1888.

Bank of California to the left.

Montgomery Street looking south from California. Express Building at extreme left; California Safe Deposit and Trust Company left center; Palace Hotel in far distance. Ca. 1880.

California Street looking east. California Safe Deposit and Trust Company on right; Express Building on left; Parrott Building extreme left (stone imported from China), which became the Emporium after the fire. 1875.

California and Battery, north corner. Bank of California in distance. 1875.

Montgomery Street north from Market. Grand Army of the Republic convention, 1886.

Looking up Post Street at conjunction of Montgomery, Market, and Post. Chronicle Building at left; Crocker Building; Masonic Temple. Ca. 1900 or 1902. [Photograph by Waters and Co.]

Bush Street looking west from Sansome. California Neck Tie Factory; Brooklyn Hotel; hacks and hotel stagecoach (called "bus"). Ca. 1875. [Photograph by Turrill & Miller]

California and Sansome. Plank street. W.T. Coleman & Company. Ca. 1865.

Merchants Exchange. 1880s.

Express Building. Telegraph pole. Ca. 1863.

Snowstorm of 1882. Market and Post. Palace Hotel on left.

Business blocks of San Francisco. Montgomery Street from the corner of Pine, looking north. 1888. [Reproduced from ? July 7th, 1888.]

California Theater. Bush Street between Kearny and Dupont. Engine 11 on right. [California Theater was replaced by the California Hotel later, which had brick chimneys on the east wall next to the firehouse. The morning of the earthquake, the chimneys fell through the firehouse to the basement, causing the death of the fire chief, Dennis Sullivan, and {the injury of} his wife. Throughout the fire, the various fire companies were on their own.] Ca. 1870. (The California Theater cost $125,000 to build.

View of San Francisco. Ca. 1860. Goat Island.

Russ House. Montgomery between Bush and Pine. [Now Russ Building.]

Vienna Garden at Stockton and Sutter. Temple Emanuel. (Vienna Garden was formerly the Tivoli Gardens.)

Geary Street looking west from Dupont. Unitarian Church on extreme left; Calvary Presbyterian Church (gothic windows) in distance [now site of St. Francis Hotel]; Trinity Episcopal Church on right. Ca. 1880.

The White House. J.W. Davidson & Company. Decorated for a celebration. Ca. 1886.

Union Square, looking northwest. Trinity Church to the left; Temple Emanuel center; Huntington and Stanford homes in the background. 1880.

Kearny and Geary Streets. Lotta's Fountain. 1885. [Photograph by Taber]

Looking southeast from California and Jones. Temple Emanuel in center; Palace Hotel in far distance. Ca. 1880.

Society of California Pioneers building. Fourth and Pioneer Place. June 2, 1888.

Spreckels Building. Third and Market. [Call Building.] Ca. 1904.

Market and Taylor Sts. Weinstock-Lubin. Ca. 1905.

Hall of Justice. East side of Portsmouth Square. March 13, 1906. [Photograph by Turrill & Miller]

St. Patrick's Church. Mission St. looking east from Fourth.

Looking down Kearny Street from Telegraph Hill. Hall of Justice on left; Call Building distant right. 1906.

DeYoung Museum. Called the Palace of Fine Arts in 1894. The green wall near the present DeYoung Museum is all that remains of the original.

GAR Arch on Market Street, looking east from Grand Avenue. Parade in progress. July 4, 1886.

Sharpshooters of the Vigilante Committee. May 15, 1856.

Looking East on Geary St. from Stockton. See the Chronicle and Palace at end of street, 1895.

South on Fillmore St. from Fulton St. Feb. 1928.

Diamond Jubilee, San Francisco
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