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The Dude--it wasn't intended to "drag" you into any discussion you hadn't already participated in. I'm sorry to hear your upbringing in Highland Hills didn't meet your needs as a kid--I really am--obviously you needed and wanted something different than that type of living provided you with.

That being said, there are other people's who's experiences were completely different. I grew up outside the city and never suffered for it. I had an absolutely idyllic childhood, loved the area I grew up in and never felt deprived. That makes us different--but I don't think it makes me a lower-order mammal. I tried living in the city--twice actually--it simply did not suit me. The fact that you found a neighborhood and way-of-life that suit you is excellent. I wouldn't wish my Silverado on you for anything--it makes me grin, but it wouldn't do the same for you. I'm a suburban dweller--but in fact it only takes me about 5 minutes to walk to Tim's--so I really don't use the Drive-Thru...and it's cream only, I don't do sugar.

As for elitism--we're not going to get anywhere on that argument I can see. If I said, "I'm better because I live in the suburbs"--that would be elitism, right? Reversing the argument doesn't make it any less so, and it doesn't lend credence or weight to the argument either--I would say it has the reverse effect. I might add that "reality" and "fact" are also individual--and thus, one person's "fact" may not be another persons "reality".

Just some additional thoughts.
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