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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Modal share and density, while helpful stats, aren't really definitive. Calgary has significantly higher density and transit share than, say, Philly. Would anyone seriously argue Calgary is more urban than Philly? How about Winnipeg more urban than Boston or Chicago?

Urbanity is a subjective concept largely based on street-level feel. Minneapolis, IMO, doesn't quite have it.
I agree with you for the most part (there are just statistics that tend to correlate with urban areas), but I don't have enough on-the-ground experience in every city to make qualitative comparisons. Streetview helps, but it's not easy go get a sense of scale.

That said, which of these (all in Chicago) do you consider the most urban:






Canadian cities (and Minneapolis) have a lot of streetscapes like A and much fewer of B and C (owing to the age of development, obviously) but arguably they are all urban typologies.
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