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Originally Posted by Swede View Post
Looking good
I think I wrote this early on in the thread, but I def would go visit this city with the family.
Thanks! I would even move in with my family, but maybe it would be easier for me, as I already live in Finland

Originally Posted by Codster121 View Post
Nice city, i really like the construction sites and the variety of buildings. Also, could you put the construction sites models on a hidden layer so people can access them when the city is finished, or upload the individual construction site models when the buildings are complete?

Also, do you plan to add a freeway system?
Thanks! The construction sites will evolve as time moves on, so at one point they will be finished. I only have the very first phase of construction as a separate model and I'm not planning to save those other phases as separate models. They're also actually not very detailed and only meant to be viewed from a distance. But maybe someday - if I ever finish this city - I will share it. And yes, there will be a highway system.

Section003_pic09 by Vellu04, on Flickr
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