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Some updates:

The Renaissance Centre is now under construction. A crane (I'm assuming for the pile driving) was brought on site last week. Crews demolished three buildings on 4th Street to make way for the new building. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph these buildings before they were destroyed (there was an interesting neon sign for DuPont Paints). Damn.

^The intersection of 4th and King Streets.

^A rendering of the building on the site fence.


Also, the Juniper Bank site has a ton of equipment on it, and looks like they're starting the site work. No photos, since it's just a bunch of equipment.


The Shipley Street garage site is cleared and they're now excavating.


Also, in some bigger news, the word 'round the campfire is that Gateway Plaza will start construction this summer! A large law firm has contracted to take a large block of space, and this is enough to get things moving. WSFS has not made any commitments yet, but I'm pretty sure we're moving.


Updates on the Christina Landing thread also.

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