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Originally Posted by LakeLocker View Post
There's a massive difference between choosing to do something out of free will and being forced to do so because of cost.

Because it's not the role of government to address the issue. It's the job of the individuals that care.

And by elegant you mean needlessly complicated and entirely likely to hurt people with less money than more.

Personal freedom, I don't live 100 kilometers way from the nearest employer, I don't own a factory, I'm not a small sized contractor, a farm owner etc.

I don't believe attacking people who work outside of the service economy is fair.

I don't believe in authoritarian government laws that take from the average person blindly without having any understanding of their life circumstances.

Especially when we know dam well that money is going to green start ups subsidies in wealthy places like Waterloo and Silicon valley.

You also make the outlandish assumption that because I consume little that not effected by how carbon taxes might effect my employer.

Because manipulating pricing is manipulating people.

If you believe that its a problem take care of your own dam house.

If you don't consume much already attack people on your side before you attack people who aren't so concerned.
And yet you support a cow tax. So you are onboard with manipulating behavior, something that government does all the time, just not by one particularly efficient mechanism.

If you truly are against government using its power, then you should start with the myriad other ways they do so.
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