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Originally Posted by Paul in S.A TX View Post
I feel if hispanics are here legally, they have ever right to be here. Just like every other race that came form elsewhere, and has started roots here. Why point out the less fortunate hispanics, and, not the less fortunate in general using the system. Just imagine if a African country bordered U.S. States, the problem would be ten fold.

The Browning of America? Hispanics are not all brown, what a ignorant choice of words. The brown skin he should refer to is more of a meztizo-indian indigent class. In Mexico, you are either Wealthy or Poor, white or brown. It's sad but even in Mexico, the more indian looking you are, the more you are considered a second class citizen. Unfortunately hate and ignorance is everywhere, the U.S. is one of the worst, I'll say Germany and Israel are the most.

I'm a Mexican American, born here, and, happen to have light skin.
Anyhow, I don't like the way Hispanics are generalized. Hispanics can be just as American Pie as Non Hispanic Whites. I bet most Non Hispanic whites don't even know when a Mexican walks right by them. I'm sure the image of a laborer out in the fields first comes to mind, which is further from the truth.

The brown Mexicans? I love the spicy music, it gets me excited, lol. Some of the guys are yummy.
Mexican Boys

Mexican Girls
lol, classic
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