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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Yeah, Trump wanted to design his own version of Central Park West, and so he did. Too bad it's way more homogeneous than CPW.

Is there any progress on the relocation of the West Side Highway? That elevated highway is really ugly. Maybe this is one instance where NIMBYism might come in handy.
The entire scenario brings back bad memories for me. I remember I was really looking forward to the Television City propsal (in all its forms), and even used to get photos and information from the Trump Organization about the project. They were very pleased with the press and community support they got for what was the Riverside South development, but my own excitement was sapped with the elimination of the world's tallest building proposal. I had held out hope that eventually something as grand would rise on this site, but I guess the Riverside Center proposal will have to do. And that's fine considering all of the other proposals accross the city.

As far as that highway goes, I though it was decided that there was no money for a relocation (sort of a bait and switch), but I could be wrong.
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