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Originally Posted by cardeza View Post
low turnout means anything can happen. I dont think it's so much of a massive wave of opposition that sunk Blackwell, its simply that the new person had more engaged followers that showed up in greater numbers in a low turnout election. Blackwell likely NEVER Got a lot of votes in these primaries- she was unopposed so it didn't really matter.
That's about right.

She was never a force politically on her own - most of her juice came from her name and the power of the Democratic machine in this city. I'm having a hard time remembering any serious challengers to her seat in the 18 years or so that I've been a voter in that district. This current time was a perfect storm of forces that was set to leave her dusted and rightfully so. There is a frustration amongst people in the far western parts of the district where I live - cross 52nd Street and you'll see a different West Philadelphia than the realtors would have you believe. Blackwell's presence (or lack thereof) isn't much of factor in why things aren't as good as they are elsewhere in the district and there's only so much a councilperson can do in a short timeframe to visibly make a dent in entrenched poverty but for once in this city's history people sided with the devil that they didn't know...maybe a good sign?
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