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Originally Posted by artspook View Post
never met an architectural model I didn't love . .
even the Ingles models of 2 WTC look great . . but only as models . .
so too does the model of "the Vessel" pictured above . .
it's fascinating as a small sculpture . .
and it probably would be exciting full scale, in most other locations . .
but I'm not sure that's the case here . .

You'll just have to wait until it's built. It's what's called a "participatory" sculpture. It's not merely there for you to look at. Just as people love to walk accross the Brooklyn Bridge, or down the High Line, this too will swarm with crowds. If you don't get it, that's fine, no one has to and not everyone will. But there will be more than enough people swarming around and through this thing.

As far as the Tokyo Skytree, why on earth would they build such a thing here in the plaza, especially considering they have an observation deck towering above???
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