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To add to my point, look at the huge amount of projects that are eternally stuck in the "approved" stage, if not have construction on hold (yikes!).

The rule of thumb in NYC, if the building isn't there, it isn't there. I remember hearing that when I was a little kid. The WTC takes this saying to the floor count! NYC is like the king of scrapped-tower proposals!

One World Trade Center, 1787ft (544,7m), Under Construction
432 Park Avenue, 1420ft (432,8m), Site Preparation (height not final; min: 1380ft / max: 1700ft) -
Two World Trade Center, 1349ft (411,2m), Under Construction
Hudson Yards North Tower, 1292ft (393,8m), Approved
225 West 57th Street, 1250ft (381m), Proposed (likely to exceed 1300ft)
15 Penn PLaza, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
One Manhattan West, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
Three World Trade Center, 1155ft (352m), Under Construction
Conde Nast Building, 1118ft (340,7m), Completed [when counting the spire]
The Girasole, 1060ft (323,1m), Approved
Tower Verre, 1050ft (320m), Approved
Hudson Yards South Tower, 1017ft (310m), Site Preparation
One57, 1003ft (305,7m), Under Construction
Hudson Yards Mixed-used Tower, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed
Four World Trade Center, 977ft (297,8m), Under Construction
One Madison Avenue, 937ft (285,6m), Proposed
Two Manhattan West, 935ft (285m), Approved
30 Park Place, 912ft (278m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
Port Authority Bus Terminal Tower, 856ft (261m), Approved
56 Leonard Street, 821ft (250,2m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
Hudson Yards Residential Tower, 800ft+ (243,8m+), Proposed
250 East 57th Street, 715ft (218m), Under Construction
50 West Street, 714ft (218m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
610 Lexington Avenue, 712ft (217m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
Nobu Hotel and Residences, 709ft (216m), Approved
5 World Trade Center, 700ft+ (213m+), Approved
107 West 57th Street, 697ft (212m), Proposed

The turnover rate in Miami or Chicago is like 4 times faster...
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