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Solid green should say "subject to proposal"; any parking within dashed green lines isn't yet usable for parking as those are construction sites.

Downtown Port Arthur (north half of Thunder Bay). There is a major waterfront redevelopment going on. The green boxes north of the rail line is the preferred site for a new multiplex. It would encompass that entire block and the side street to the left of it (which is obscured by red and green lines). The least preferred option for the multiplex is the tip of the peninsula in the southwest corner of this map. (No road access, a $100M road infrastructure project would have to take place, adding to the $120M multiplex and parkade design for that site; the downtown location costs only $80M.)

Downtown Fort William (south half of Thunder Bay). We're building a courthouse north of downtown and a government building south of it.

In both cores at this time, there is enough parking to meet demand but it is placed too far from the facilities it serves, so people complain there isn't enough of it. By 2014, when all the developments are complete or significantly underway, there will be a parking deficit of about 500 in either core. More parkades are being considered, and underground parking is pretty much a must in any new large development.
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