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If I may point out, something like 90% of Stockholm is Radiant City sprawl. Stockholm was touted by planners worldwide, in its day, as the future of the city (see, for example, Edmund Bacon's The Design of Cities).

In the U.S.--particularly the western U.S.--the built form is so consistently sprawl that it shouldn't surprise anyone that New Urbanism is strongest here. In the eastern U.S. and much of Europe, by contrast, the urban form is much more finely-grained, with traditional town centers incorporated into often sprawling (and occasionally towering) suburbs. In the wealthier parts of the urban region--where people have a choice--a "return to the city" is in full swing. Philadelphia's Main Line and the North Penn area, for instance, are chock-full of busy traditional town centers; within the far poorer Balkan Burbs (the collection of Delaware County boroughs hugging West Philadelphia), the urban centers are underutilized. I.e. those with choice choose the cities, and those dreaming of choice dream of the suburbs.
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