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Originally Posted by mello View Post
Ok here are my observations on Miami from the perspective of the city that had the West Coast's biggest condo boom and transformation over the last 8 to 10 years, San Diego. On one hand I am jealous that Miami was able to push so many proposals through and term them in to reality.

If San Diego had every proposal that popped up during those heady times of 2002 through early 2006 built our boom may have come somewhat close to rivaling Miami's. (Maybe 70 percent if all the towers did actually go in to construction). As it turns out we maybe only got about 40 percent of Miami's boom.

I'm trying to imagine the city council and planning deparment taking in all of the proposals and just rubber stamping the hell out of them lol. I know that some towers heights were reduced but mainly due to FAA restrictions but still did The city of Miami have literally thousands of people working on all of these things. Just the logistics of getting some many projects pushed through in 4 years is staggering.

I am also baffled that the developers thought that they could just keep throwing up towers and selling them especially in a downtown that isn't really known from being urban or having any real attractions. About the buildings themselves. The first thing I have to say is they are so BULKY! Wow, I know that San Diego has wide and bulky hotel towers but our condos are much more slender looking.

Miami did do some more sleek and slender designs but many buildings are just so wide and have a staggering number of units. Most San Diego condo towers have 200 to 350 units where many of Miami's have 500 to 600 units. They are just huge in comparison. Almost like Vegas hotels with balconies lol.

I would love to have Atlantis Miami come to San Diego and capture it from all angles so I could really compare. From a SD perspective downtown Miami just has a different scale it seems like the developments have such bulky bases and the lot sizes are huge as well. I have never been to downtown Miami but it almost looks like a resort downtown instead of an actual urban downtown in the traditional sense. Maybe I'm completely wrong but that is just what your photos seem to portray.

I look forward to your response to my perspective on Miami Atlantis. Oh I almost forgot, fabulous shots! Your work is inspiring and I'm glad you are pursuing something you are passionate about
Since Miami saw almost no development during the 1990s with Miami Beach being so hot, when the "boom" moved across the bay to Miami, city officials rolled the dice and approved virtually every project that came before them, while the market was still hot, because they had no real way of knowing what projects would actually make it and which would not. So what you see is what we ended up with, some sleek inspiring projects, some bulky monsters to capitalize on the number of units to be sold.

I admit that as it currently stands, the Miami skyline is a bit short and boxy. We have bigger, more interesting projects on the drawing board for when there is a market turnaround, and part of what I'm doing in creating threads like this and bringing more attention to the city is generating more interest whereby we might see some of these more interesting projects eventually make it out of the ground.
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