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Originally Posted by timbad View Post
when 1066 Market got going next door last year, I was still thinking the developers were brave to push into a rough patch of the city, but with this new one at its back to solidify the bridge back to 950-974 Market, we (and the new residents) may see a change in the area.
It's surprising the degree to which Mid-Market has been renovated and redeveloped and some of the renovations, especially, are quite lovely. But what hasn't yet happened to the degree it needs to is intensive policing with constant foot patrols and an effort to stop open drug use/selling, loitering and selling of stolen goods. When the new buildings are actually occupied, my hope is those occupants will harass the police with constant calls until they do get aggressive. It may not happen before then, though.

PS: It wouldn't hurt if Muni cracked down on fare cheats either. It seems like most of the people boarding along this stretch of Market St. don't pay. Maybe if they had to pay to get there and get home they'd go elsewhere.
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