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Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
I'd imagine that the towers themselves wouldn't fall over from nothing less than a nuclear blast with the kind of concrete these modern towers are built with, but even a relatively frequent category 3 or 4 hurricane would gut a supertall just like any other building. Sandy was nowhere close to a worst case scenario for New York.

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It will be interesting to see how Miami (for example) fares when a Category 5 inevitably does impact it.
Miami has already survived a CAT 5 when Hurricane Andrew struck on August 24, 1992. What did collapse were Single Family homes built out of Wood Frames which are now banned in Miami-Dade County since then.
Concrete structures did survive but some had their windows blown out.

Cities in Asia face Typhoons of the same category and their buildings survive as well so why wouldn't Miami ?
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